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zero2hero as a technology training company is providing corporate and individuals training since 2019. Being technology enthusiasts, our goal is to bring education and training one step forward, which is metaverse. We believe that with the Web3.0 technology, education and training platforms can become more interactive, realistic with VR as well as more effective and secure and is giving us the opportunity to reach larger user groups from everywhere and is making us motivated. Although our differences and cultural diversity, almost all of us seek better education and training, and equal opportunity for knowledge resources. So, we can increase prosperity everywhere in the world and can do them by metaverse to help others who are less fortunate.


zero2hero is an education and training metaverse platform with blockchain and virtual reality(VR) gaming experiences.
While providing wide variety of education and training content, our users are given the opportunity to socialize by attending social events like: live events; network games; VR games; art and cultural activity events etc. There is simply no limit to how much imagination our users would wish to put in.
Various of courses like skilled or language courses can be created by different institutions to provide limitless education.

Ensuring flawless user experience, our tech support will be available around the clock to provide help and support.

zero2hero aim is to create a universe where entities such as universe maps, education and training tools can be exchanged for NFTs.

Examples of entities including: avatars; buildings, billboards; communication systems, any training materials (including e-books) and videos will be available for NFT exchange at any time. Any digital ownership will be managed safely by the blockchain.

Our users, whether metaverse users, contributors or stakeholders will be provided with secure, fast, transaction mechanism, while aiming to offer equal education and training opportunities to everyone globally!

Despite cultural differences, all of us seek better education, and equal opportunity for knowledge resources. zero2hero can increase prosperity everywhere in the world and helps others who are less fortunate by metaverse.


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Frequently Asked Questions

As an education and training platform, all users (over 18) will be accepted as content creators or attendees, despite their background.

The metaverse is actually a 3D virtual reality that would enable people to interact with each other. You can think of the metaverse as a connected ecosystem of online 3D virtual environments, where users could interact with each other, create assets, play games, work and collaborate with each other.

A blockchain is a distributed, cryptographically-secure database structure that allows network participants to establish a trusted and immutable record of transactional data without the need for intermediaries. A blockchain can execute a variety of functions beyond transaction settlement, such as smart contracts.

Cryptocurrency is basically a digital form of currency with the support of cryptographic security for conducting trusted transactions. The underlying technology which runs cryptocurrencies is blockchain, and it offers a ledger for documenting all transactions.

NFTs ("Non-Fungible Tokens") are one-of-a-kind tokens that represent a unique good or asset, like digital art. They can be sold in to collectors and the sale of NFTs. NFTs created on Mint are hosted on the Flow blockchain.

In order to get an understanding of tokenomics price and its working, it is important to dive further into tokens. Tokens are basically units that serve particular objectives alongside holding value on the basis of different characteristics. Tokens are recognized as valuable assets capable of serving more than the role of currency. For example, football tickets could work as tokens because you can choose to watch a football match with the tickets or trade the tickets for something else in return.

The tokenomics model depends a lot on the tokens represented in form of cryptocurrencies. Tokens could serve different functions in a network other than serving the role for trading assets only. The arrival of Ethereum gave a substantial boost to the concept of tokens with cryptocurrencies.

The Ethereum network turned out to be the first blockchain platform offering a wide range of decentralized services to participants rather than just enabling transactions. The importance of tokens is evident in the facility of these decentralized services on the Ethereum network. It is just like the money required for completing transactions. You can find tokens in Ethereum as the ERC-20 tokens.

Technically no, you can accept signature requests from sites without any value in an account. Adding cryptocurrencies in your MetaMask account (such as ETH and ERC-20 or, ERC-721 tokens) allow you to invest, trade, play games, own unique digital items (NFT collectibless), and much more.

Off-chain transactions refer to those transactions occurring on a cryptocurrency network that move the value outside of the blockchain. Due to their zero/low cost, off-chain transactions are gaining popularity, especially among large participants.

Virtual Reality is the computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using a headset and/or controllers.

Play-to-earn allows players to generate a steady stream of crypto income simply by playing the game. Each game's mechanism can differ, but the rewards typically come from staking, farming a game's currency, or generating tradeable NFT items. In older blockchain games, users relied mainly on random chances to make profits. Play-to-earn, however, has created in-game economies and business models where players can work for an income.

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